Rocky Mountain Youth Trail Ride 2014

HI RMH Friends! I'm so glad I was able to stop by the trail ride and ...

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Tricia Saddle Up

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Shannon and Nick Portraits

Thank you Shannon and Nick for a wonderful and fun portrait session! ...

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Stefan and Cousins!

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2012 KMSHA INTERANTIONAL/Stamper/Jones/Sat EVE Ceremony

I think I spoke to almost all of you in these images on Facebook, but ...

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Saddle Up For The Cure 2012

Welcome Riders, Survivors and Friends! Thank you for attending Saddle ...

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3Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse Association 2011 International Classes 21-31/Grooms Class

2011 Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse Association proofs.~PURCHASE INFO ...

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2Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse Association 2011 International Classes 11-20A/B

2011 Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse Association proofs.~PURCHASE INFO ...

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1Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse Association 2011 International Classes 1-10A/B

2011 Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse Association proofs.~PURCHASE INFO ...

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My Smug Mug

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Saddle Up For The Cure 2011

Saddle Up For the Cure 2011 was a huge success despite the rainy and c ...

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Your Bio

Welcome to Memories by Chris Photography!

This is a new website for me as of October 25th~my old site crashed and burned right in the middle of a very busy horse show season, food photography shoots, portraits and Saddle Up For the Cure Ride! My main concern has been getting a few thousand proofs up for you all to view as quickly as possible while keeping some sanity, and keeping somewhat of a sense of humor. I believe everything happens for a reason and a corrupted website was just what I needed to get myself in gear to build this new site. There is still a lot of "bells and whistles" to learn with this new SmugMug website, but getting the galleries loaded was the main thing to sort out.

You can still visit my old site to view horse show proofs from 2010/2011 but I am not able to update, add or delete albums at this time. That site is

I also have a greeting card business website through Send Out Cards and you can create and build personalized greeting cards with any photos~yours, mine that you purchase, or any from other photographers that you have rights to use. Most of my horse show images are sold digitally with you getting full rights to the images! Visit my site and try a free card on me! I even pay the postage! This card can be sent to anyone, including yourself~it is a frame worthy card, so put your favorite image right on the front! https://www.sendoutcards/memoriesbychris

Thank you! Live with Gratitude!
Chris Meyer

*I must credit Rena Conklin for this favorite photo of myself taking a farm shoot of the beautiful Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horses

Recommended sites by me~
Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse Association
Thank you for the support from this association and it's members!

Sherry Gore Books
Thank you to Sherry Gore for giving me a fabulous opportunity to photograph the food, farm and families to be featured in her magazine Cooking and Such! This last year has been a wonderful journey with Sherry and her wonderful team!

Saddle Up For the Cure
Wonderful and amazing group to work with!

Wolf Run Wildlife Refuge
A wonderful group of committed people working hard to save the lives of so many animals!

Casey's Safety Nest Companion Bird Rescue
Thank you to Mary Essary for introducing me to the wonderful ownership of a beautiful Blue and Gold Macaw named Marley. And for the incredible amount of work that she does!

Seniors for Pets
Thank you to Carol and Jim North for asking me to write for the monthly newsletter and for the commitment they make to Sarasota area Seniors and their pets.

One of my other home based businesses providing pure, safe and beneficial products for your personal care. Arbonne is 100 percent animal cruelty free and so much more!

Karla Milden at Overlook Stables
Without adopting a puppy from Karla, I may never had the chance to photograph her horses that led me to networking with the Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse Association. (The photo of myself above was taken by her daughter Rena.)
Karla is training her horses and selling the Mountain Horse breed for Overlook Stables with Vernon and Joyce Stamper.

There will be more added to this list as I finish building this site! Thank you!